My old notesEdit

I had this in a (deliberately silly) private wiki between me and my boyfriend that I sort of kind of fleetingly maintained. It was a single page and it looked roughly like this:

Greg Egan is secretly from the future and he writes about it. He also writes about other futures, clearly to distract from his true identity.
  • Eganverse: The universe with Qusps, Exoselves and Mediators. Humans are the only known sapient species.
    • Permutation City Set near-future (~2050). Exoself namedrop.
    • Singleton Set shortly after Permutation City. Qusp origins.
    • Oracle Set after Singleton, semantically, but involves time-travel to before Permutation City, where it buds off into a different universe by necessity.
    • Schild's Ladder Set in ~23 000. Whole nine yards.
  • Amalgamverse: There are several sapient species. The Aloof inhabit the galaxy's Bulge and refuse all communication. The Amalgam the rest of the galaxy, forming a patchwork of these species. It is quite clear that this is not an Eganverse future chiefly because the inventor (Ndoli) of their Qusp-equivalent (the jewel) does not coincide with the Eganverse one.
    • Learning To Be Me references the Ndoli jewel (first of the lot, chronologically)
    • Closer references the Ndoli jewel (second of the lot, chronologically)
    • Then, from this point on, chronology is uncertain:
    • Incandescence
    • Riding The Crocodile
    • Border Guards references the Ndoli jewel
  • Distressverse: Greenhouse refugees, DNA resequencing, "El Nido".
    • Distress
    • The Moat
    • Chaff
  • Diasporaverse: Polises are a thing.
    • Diaspora Set around the year 3 000 at the beginning of the book.
    • The Planck Dive
  •  ???
    • Quarantine Quarantining occurs in 2034. Priming is a thing.
    • Caress Set in 2050. Priming is a thing, but there is no mention of a quarantine like in Quarantine... and it's a pretty big deal, so!

-pinkgothic (talk) 00:00, January 13, 2014 (UTC)

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