The Singleton Universe gets its name from the short-story Singleton. It has a fairly subtle but intricately woven reach, which is to say that it's not always immediately obvious that a story is set in this universe.

In the Singleton Universe, mankind and its posthuman descendants are the only sapient species known to exist in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Recurring elements Edit

Works Edit

  • Oracle
    Taking place in an alternate timeline from the other stories, Oracle is set after Singleton in the narrative, but involves time-travel, putting it first in the chronological order.
  • Permutation City (debatable)
    ~2050 A.D.
    Exoselves are a thing, but that might just be recycled terminology (though Egan doesn't seem to be the type for that).
  • Singleton
    Singleton takes place in the chronological whereabouts to Permutation City and details Qusp origins.
  • Schild's Ladder
    ~23 000 A.D.
    Effortlessly the richest source of information about the Singleton Universe.