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Welcome to the Greg Egan WikiEdit

This is a wiki to document the worlds described in Greg Egan's fiction.

The focus of this wiki is on what happens in Greg Egan's stories and how they're related to each other (if at all - there are certainly stand-alone works). It's not meant to be a complete bibliography, nor do the pages about individual works of his aspire to be completely objective in their summaries - much like the TV Tropes spirit, we want this wiki to be written by fans, which means enthusiasm is welcome to bleed into prose. Just don't overdo it. ;)

The structure of this wiki is still work-in-progress; this index page even more so. Feel free to fiddle with it as you please!

Also, do note that this wiki is really new and written by, well, fans. Chances are we don't get everything right. Greg Egan extensively documents details of technology and physics from his stories, but he's never formally linked them together, so all attempts to do so are by definition fanon. If you find something is incorrectly wrongly grouped, but don't feel comfortable changing it yourself, take it to the talk pages - we're happy to fix things!


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